It is not always easy to believe food companies and the claims they make about their products, and you may still be looking for a brand that you can trust completely. Knowing where the products you are buying originated would certainly help you to make responsible and informed purchases, but many companies are guarded and don’t make this information easily available to the public. When it comes to bone broth in Arizona, what type of information does your current brand make available to you? Are they able to tell you where and how the cattle were raised, and how their broth is made? Knowing the answers to these questions is the difference between buying an average broth and enjoying the best broth you will ever have.

Treatment of the cattle

In order to have quality bones to use for the best broth in the world, the way that the cattle are raised and fed is crucial. Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. secures our bones from cattle that freely graze year-round on thousands of acres of natural grass and fresh water on Arizona ranchlands. While other companies may not be aware of the history of the cattle they use, Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. can tell you exactly where their bones came from, as well as how the cattle were fed and treated, and our entire operation is 100 percent verified through the American Grassfed Association.

Creating the broth

Our manufacturing process is completed in an in-house USDA inspected kitchen that is dedicated to the creation of our bone broth, instead of being sent out to an outside corporation to make and package the broth. Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. has created a unique recipe that utilizes several different portions of the verified cattle, which includes the full bone spectrum. The bones, ligaments and tendons used all offer a wide range of healthy nutrients, giving you the most complete and nourishing broth available.

With complete control over the creation of our broth, Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. knows exactly what is happening with our product when we put our stamp on it, and won’t have to rely on someone else to deliver the quality that is expected by our customers. In the USDA inspected kitchen, the bones are roasted and simmered with vegetables for three full days, creating a rich and desirable flavor. Once the vegetables are strained out, the result is 32 ounces of hearty broth that is eventually infused with the additional beef that was extracted during the process.

From the nurturing of the cattle to the dedicated in-house production that goes into making our broth, Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. offers something that few companies can: complete trust. This transparency is indicative of a company that can confidently and consistently deliver the highest quality bone broth in Arizona. Available online and in multiple natural grocery stores throughout the state, you can now enjoy this top-of-the-line broth anytime you want. Be sure to pick some up right away!