Are you sick of making the same meal for your family’s holiday gatherings every single year? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably going to be having at least one turkey dinner over the Christmas season, or perhaps a ham. In fact, turkey and ham make up an overwhelming majority of the dinners people make for their main Christmas meal.

Why not choose something else this year? There are plenty of beef options that are certain to tantalize your family’s taste buds and provide a change of pace from all the other holiday dinners they’re certain to be having this season. Here are just a few types of dishes you can make using grass raised beef in Arizona:

• Beef pot roast: Want to take a lot of the work out of making your Christmas dinner this year? Buy a beef roast and stick it in your crock pot to cook on low for eight hours. Add in some potatoes, celery, carrots, onions and spices, and you have an extremely easy dinner with delicious, moist meat. There’s nothing like a hearty roast over the holidays!

• Italian beef sandwiches: Another simple option for those of you who want to take the work out of the holiday cooking, Italian beef sandwiches are flavorful and easy. Get a beef roast and stick it in a crock pot for eight hours with a couple jars of pepperoncinis. The juice from the peppers will add a hint of spice and make the beef easy to pull apart and serve in sandwiches. For the best taste, toast some hoagie rolls with provolone cheese!

• Beef stew: You can use many of the same ingredients you use in a beef pot roast, but add a little more liquid and make it into a stew. You can then serve the stew either in bowls or over bread. Again, it’s a hearty seasonal option that is both simple and delicious.

• Beef tenderloin: You can’t go wrong with a tenderloin roast! Tenderloin is a great option for dinner parties with 10 to 12 people. For extra seasonal flavor, add a cranberry drizzle and pair the roast with Brussels sprouts.

• Steaks: Choose your favorite cut of steak and either grill it or broil it in your oven. Steak has the dual benefits of being easy to cook while still having a formal feeling. Pair steaks with potatoes (mashed or baked) and a salad or roasted vegetables for a truly seasonal taste.

• Tri-tip: Consider a lean tri-tip roast, rubbed down with garlic and peppercorns before you roast it in your oven. A garlic sherry sauce can add even more deliciousness to this favorite holiday meal.

These are just a few options available to you to add beef to the holiday season. Doesn’t changing it up sound good this year? If so, contact our team today at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. for more information about the variety of grass raised beef in Arizona we’re able to offer your holiday table.