Today more than ever, people want to eat healthy and avoid added hormones and pesticides in their food. One such food to pay attention to is meat, so here are some excellent reasons to start buying grass raised beef in Arizona.

Safer to eat

You’ve likely heard the saying “strong as an ox.” Well, the reason free range cows are sturdy and strong is because they eat the right foods to maintain proper growth. Moreover, cows are herbivores, which means they are at their healthiest when munching freely on fresh pasture grass. The unfortunate thing is that a lot of beef cattle are fed copious amounts of grains—a cheap and abundant cattle feed that cows cannot digest well. For this reason, grain-fed cows have to be given antibiotics because they are more susceptible to bacterial infections. Go for grass fed whenever possible.

Avoid GMOs and pesticides

Due to the high demand for red meat, many commercial beef producers choose to raise their cows in confinement for most of their lives, only feeding them an unnatural diet of corn and soy. Not only does this force growth, but it also produces unhealthy meat—most corn and soy is genetically modified and grown in pesticide-laden fields. Pesticide residues settle in the fatty tissues of conventional cows; the beef is sold in stores; consumers end up eating what the cows ate.

The Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. employs sustainable ranch practices for all of our free-range cattle. That means no GMOs, no pesticides, no insecticides—ever!

Easier to digest

Beef is known to be the cause of many upset stomachs, but what consumers fail to recognize is the quality of the meat they are eating. If the beef you buy was not grass fed and grass finished, then you are likely ingesting GMOs and pesticide residues. Also, many people are living with food sensitivities to corn, soy and other grain products. So, when they consume grain fed beef, their body reacts with digestive issues. Get your meat from a reputable free range cattle rancher to ensure you’re getting the healthiest, most easily digestible beef on the market.

Better for the environment

Factory farming is wreaking havoc on the environment. In order to meet the demands for meat, producers of commercial beef are raising food animals in substandard conditions. Cows are crammed together in warehouse-like stalls, standing in their own waste, instead of being able to roam outdoors to naturally fertilize the land. Factory farm animals are also fed foods they would not normally eat, and growing GMO corn and soy for feed means excessive use of water, fertilizers and pesticides.

By buying high quality grass raised beef in Arizona, you have chosen to take advantage of a bevy of health benefits, and your good food choices will undoubtedly lessen the kind of environmental impact brought on by conventional cattle raising practices.

At Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co., all our beef is 100 percent grass fed and 100 percent grass finished, and rest assured that our nutritious beef bone broth has no added hormones or antibiotics. Visit our website to learn more about or to order quality beef products!