More and more these days, people are looking to improve their health, starting with eating better—consuming food that’s free of GMOs, pesticides and added hormones as much as possible. And they aren’t just shopping for healthy food ingredients, like free range, grass fed beef—they also want it when going out to eat. It’s reasons like these that have many dining establishments revamping their menus and buying local from reputable farmers and other food producers.

Here are five ways that restaurants can benefit from using grass finished beef and grass fed beef in Arizona:

• They get to promote healthy eating in their community. With many people trying to eat better, take this opportunity to promote a healthy way of eating within your community. If your restaurant has quality beef on its menu, let everyone know. In other words, make it clear to your diners by rewording your menu options to read “grass fed,” “grass finished” or “free range.” Also, educate your staff so they can explain the terminology to curious customers.

• They get the opportunity to serve beef that tastes like beef. Surprise is a common reaction from people the first time they sink their teeth into a scrumptious grass fed beef patty. They’ve been eating conventionally raised beef for so long that their taste buds no longer register that something is off—that would be things like heavy levels of added hormones and antibiotics in the meat. As a restaurant owner, give yourself the opportunity to serve beef that actually tastes like it’s supposed to.

• They may win word of mouth advertising. Have you noticed that the best restaurants in your community don’t invest in traditional advertising? For example, you don’t see them in television commercials, on giant billboards or on radio advertisements. When you serve quality food and provide excellent service, people will tell their family members and friends to eat at your restaurant. Word of mouth is great advertising—and it’s free!

• They are likely to gain loyal patrons. Once diners hear about and try your delicious grass fed beef dishes, they will want to come back to eat every week. Using quality beef in your restaurant is likely to attract local meat aficionados. As a result, you’re likely to gain loyal, even lifetime, customers.

• They can help the local economy thrive. Restaurant owners using grass fed beef will want to buy meat locally, as well as shop for other ingredients locally—the products will be fresher, free of chemicals and of the highest quality. When your restaurant’s dishes are made up of ingredients from other businesses within the community, everybody benefits.

Although some food trends come and go, the overall healthy eating movement is not going away any time soon. If you are a restaurant owner who is interested in moving away from conventional beef and using grass fed beef in Arizona instead, contact the team at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. We extremely knowledgeable in grass fed, grass finished beef and are more than happy to provide you with information and answer your questions!