Have you heard the term “grass raised beef,” but aren’t really sure what this entails? Read on to learn more about grass raised beef in Arizona and the many benefits that serving this type of meat to your customers can provide.

First, let’s define what grass raised beef is. Generally, most cattle that provide the beef that we eat are fed a diet of grains. However, when cattle are fed a diet of grass, the meat that they provide is referred to as grass fed or grass raised.

Serving grass raised beef from Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. at your restaurant offers you and your customers the following benefits:

• Allows you to offer a high-quality product: Health experts recommend eating food that is less processed, and grass raised beef has been shown to go through less processing than typical grain fed beef. Grass raised beef will contain naturally occurring wild grasses, flowers and water, and not herbicides that were used to spray pastures.

• Introduces health benefits: Research shows that cattle that have been raised on a diet of grass results in beef with health benefits for consumers that grain fed beef can’t offer. Eating grass raised beef can mean a lower risk of heart disease and a lowered cancer risk. It also serves as a healthier option for those looking to lose weight, and offers more vitamins and minerals and healthy fats than grain fed beef. In addition, most cattle that are fed a diet of grain are also given growth hormones and antibiotics, which may contain high levels of glyphosate, a chemical known to be highly toxic.

• Supports humane animal welfare: At Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co., cattle are not placed in pens and are not subject to inhumane treatment. They are simply fed a diet of grass, which has allowed cattle to thrive for centuries.

• Provides a sustainable and environmentally supportive option: The ranching practices used at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. meet all sustainability guidelines. We also pride ourselves in not harming the environment and in obtaining water from natural resources so as not to place a strain on our surrounding communities. Also, grass raised beef is more likely to be local than grain fed beef. Beef that has been raised locally lets you more easily verify where the product came from and trust its quality. Beef that does not have to travel as far to reach its shipping destination is more likely to be fresh than beef that has to travel a longer distance before it can be shipped.

A number of restaurants in Arizona currently offer our grass raised beef to their customers. These establishments include:

• The Bevvy
• Bink’s Carefree
• Binkley’s Midtown
• Casino Del Sol
• Char Kitchen & Bar
• Coppa Café
• Grand Blue
• Hand Cut
• Luci’s
• McFaddens
• Nourish
• The Original Breakfast House
• Paleo Brio
• Raven Café
• Richardson’s
• Roka Akor
• State 48
• Tonto Bar & Grille

You can be next! Join the owners of these restaurants in offering grass raised beef and providing a product with a great taste that is healthier for your customers and more humane for animals, while also supporting the natural environment.

For more information about grass raised beef in Arizona, contact our team at Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. today. We look forward to hearing from you!