Restaurant Distribution

Restaurant Distribution

Arizona Based Grass Fed Beef Supplier

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company is proud to be a supplier of 100% grass fed and grass finished beef to some of the top restaurants and chefs across Arizona. We invite restaurant owners and chefs to consider adding grass fed and finished beef to their menu. Our delicious, healthful products are ideal for restaurant concepts with an interest in sustainability and ethical farming practices. As a local, Arizona-based supplier of grass fed beef, we make it possible for restaurants across the state to offer an authentic ranch-to-table experience to their patrons.

Why Choose Arizona Grass Raised Beef

Grass fed and finished beef brings many nutritional and culinary benefits to your menu, and beef from Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company supplies the highest quality grass fed beef available on the market. Our own boutique USDA inspected processing plant is located right here in the state of Arizona and is used exclusively for our cattle. Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company is also third party verified by the American GrassFed Association.

We believe in promoting healthy, sustainable practices. Our cattle are range bred, and grass fed on thousands of acres of native Arizona grasses. Our beef contains no added hormones, no antibiotics, no grain and are never finished on feedlots. We rely on windmills and solar power systems and utilize no pesticides, insecticides or GMO seeds on our land.

Always range bred and grass fed

Grass Fed Beef Delivery

We offer weekly grass fed beef delivery to local restaurant owners, managers, and chefs, directly from our own processing plant in northern Arizona. Each week, our in-house delivery trucks will bring you the freshest USDA inspected primal cuts, individual cuts, and bulk ground beef.

Ground beef is available in a variety of fat to protein ratios including 85/15, 80/20, 75/25, etc. We can accommodate any custom order for specific and specialty cuts upon request.

To inquire about establishing direct, regular grass fed beef delivery to your restaurant, please reach out to us at

Grass Fed Beef Distribution

Distribution of our 100% grass raised and grass finished beef is also available to our restaurant partners through their local distributor. Just ask for Arizona Grass Raised Beef.

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