Summer is not far off, which means that peak backyard grilling season is on its way back! Time to tidy up the yard, clean up your grill and order grass fed and grass finished beef from Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. Rest assured that you don’t need to be a super skilled professional chef to grill up big, juicy beef burgers and phenomenal steaks for family and friends. Sure, great food is important, but the key to a successful backyard barbecue is to make sure everyone is having a fantastic time. (And yes, to not ruin the meat!)

Are you ready to get cooking? Here’s a list of tips to help you make the most of grilling grass fed meat in Arizona this summer:

• Choose quality beef: To leave a lasting impression on your guests, make sure you choose quality ground beef and steaks to cook on the grill. And don’t feed the crowd meat you wouldn’t eat yourself—get healthy, sustainably raised meat. If the beef has a desired red color and soft texture, and you cook it right, then they will grill up nice and juicy.

• Bring meat to room temperature: Like cooking meat in your kitchen oven, you want to make sure to set meat out to reach room temperature before grilling. Leave raw meat to warm on an indoor counter. Doing this allows the meat to cook more evenly around the edges and all the way to the center of the cut.

• Pick your grilling fuel: Depending on your grill and style of cooking, you’ll want to choose a proper grilling fuel—gas, wood or charcoal. Wood is an excellent choice for beef. When cooked at the right temperature, the meat will be tender and retain some of the wood’s natural flavor. If you use charcoal, make sure to give it time to get white hot before putting the beef on. A gas grill makes for a quick warm-up, and it’s a great option for home cooks.

• Enjoy the natural beef taste: Don’t over-marinade or go crazy with seasonings—especially salt. Grill slow and low, and the natural flavors of the grass fed meat in Arizona will stand out.

• Pair with fruits and vegetables: Sides are what brings a grilled meat meal together. Think about ingredients you can toss on the grill—like skewered vegetables, halved hearty fruits, squash, potatoes and even whole heads of lettuce. The more you are able to utilize the grill, the less kitchen mess you have to deal with later.

• Eat meals with family and friends: The best food pairing of all is eating with family and friends. It’s the social aspect that really sets the mood. Simply put, eating meals with people you care about is beneficial for your health and wellbeing.

If you want to serve the healthiest, most delicious grass fed meat in Arizona at your next backyard barbecue, look no further than Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. We are proud to offer the highest quality grass fed, grass finished beef products in town!