Wholesale Grass Fed Beef

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The Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company is pleased to offer direct wholesale pricing on grass fed beef in bulk to retailers, food clubs, and buying co-ops. We are now accepting applications for new wholesale partners interested in bringing the very best in 100% grass raised and grass finished beef to their communities.

Grass Fed Beef Wholesale

Ideal for groups with a passion for healthful, humane, sustainable practices, our wholesale program allows retailers and co-ops to take advantage of wholesale pricing on bulk quantities of some of the highest quality grass-fed beef available.

Beyond simply grass-fed, our cattle are range-bred and allowed to graze across thousands of acres of native Arizona grasslands. Our beef is grass raised and grass finished – so no feedlots – and processed in our own boutique USDA inspected processing facility used exclusively for our own cattle. There are never any added hormones, no antibiotics, and no grain is ever fed. Just good, old-fashioned free range ranches managed on horseback in sunny Northern Arizona.

Bulk Grass Fed Beef

Take advantage of our wholesale program and save by buying in bulk. If you are a retailer interested in carrying our products or a food club/buying co-op who would like to bring our humanely raised and processed beef to your community, please fill out this short application below to be considered for our program.

Wholesale orders have a 75-pound minimum and ship via UPS. Applications will be reviewed upon arrival; once they are approved, an email will be sent with a wholesale price sheet and promotional materials.

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