Beef Broth


Because of having our own USDA plant, the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company has the unique ability to hand fabricate and utilize the whole bone spectrum to produce what we believe to be the most gelatinous and nutrient dense, never pasteurized, beef bone broth in the world. The whole bone spectrum includes all bones, from shoulder to hoof plus the attached ligaments and tendons including the shoulder, hip, upper femur, lower femur, shank, whole knuckles, ribs, hock and oxtail.

The Original Superfood

Different bones have unique characteristics to be aware of. Larger bones such as the femur contains more bone marrow than many of the smaller bones. Individuals with anemia, lung disorders, immune disorders, chronic infections, etc. would more specifically target these disorders using broth with increased marrow.

Smaller bones contain more gelatinous materials than larger bones. The gelatinous material is especially useful for digestive health as it provides key raw materials that help the cells of the digestive system to regenerate. This is a key health tool for individuals who are trying to overcome leaky gut syndrome. Medical experts have found bone broth to be one of the best strategies for destroying parasites like Candida and rebuilding the gut, replenishing your body with much needed protein, antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals.

Whole Bone Spectrum

Our cattle, our USDA harvest plant, our bones, our broth kitchen — your beef bone broth, the original superfood!

All of our beef bone broth is made in our own kitchen, used exclusively for making small hand crafted batches of nutrient dense bone broth. We brew our bones for 72 hours and use only organic ingredients including onions, carrots, celery, parsley, apple cider vinegar and peppercorns in our brewing process. We never use any salt in our beef bone broth. The result is a highly gelatinous and nutrient dense broth that we believe is the best in the world!

Small Handcrafted Batches

We currently offer home delivery of our beef bone broth. It is available by the gallon, packaged conveniently in four 32 oz tamper resistant resealable containers. Our beef bone broth is also available in the combo pack.  It comes with five pounds of ground + two 32 oz containers of our beef bone broth. Click the shop link above to view our online store.

Why we believe our Beef Bone Broth is the best in the world

Source of our Bones: All of our cattle are 100% grassfed & ‘finished’. They are never given antibiotics, hormones or grains of any kind. Additionally, they are never exposed to a feedlot or GMO’s. Our cattle are treated humanely, eating nothing but native grasses as they forage on over 4 million acres of Arizona ranch land 365 days a year. They enjoy Arizona sunshine and fresh water their entire lives. Our grass-fed & ‘finished’ beef operation is third party verified through the American Grassfed Association. We know exactly where our bones come from, can your broth or bone supplier say the same?

Quality of our Bones: Since our bones come directly from our Grassfed & ‘Finished’ cattle , unlike others, our broth is made using the entire spectrum of bones from hoof to oxtail. Each different type of bone we use offers it’s own unique nutrient profile. We not only use bones, we also use all the ligaments and tendons that are hand fabricated in our USDA inspected harvesting plant in Northern Arizona, dedicated, to grassfed & ‘finished’ cattle. In other words, we don’t buy beef bones and we know exactly where our broth bones come from. Because we have the availability of using the whole bone spectrum, as well as, the ligaments and tendons we believe that you are getting the most varied nutrient dense broth in the world. What we consider Beyond Organic.

Our USDA Inspected Kitchen: Like others, we do not ship our bones out to a large corporate co-packer to make our broth for us. To bring you what we consider the world’s best Beyond Organic Broth, we control the entire process, doing everything in house at our own USDA inspected kitchen used exclusively for our Bone Broth production.

Our Process: – We start out roasting the bones. We then simmer the bones in a steam kettle for three days with organic vegetables. When finished brewing, we strain out the vegetables, next we top off 32 ounces of broth with the beef fat rendered during the cooking process. Delicious, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Remember, we use the full spectrum variety of bones, ligaments & tendons from our 100% Grassfed & ‘Finished’ cattle. We then make your broth in our dedicated USDA inspected kitchen to make sure you are getting what we believe is the very best bone broth in the world, Beyond Organic!