Why should I choose the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company products?
One of the most unique assets of the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company is that we have our very own USDA inspected processing plant, used exclusively for our cattle. Having the plant allows us to bring 100% grass fed and finished beef products to the market. As an added measure to ensure best practices, the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company is third party verified by the American GrassFed Association. The Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company maintains a philosophy to remain 100% transparent and to produce the highest quality grass fed, grass finished products. Our beef products are a healthy alternative to conventional grain fed beef.

Do you feed your cattle any antibiotics or hormones?
No, none of our cattle are fed antibiotics or growth hormones throughout the course of their lives. Many companies do add these to the diet, especially if they are keeping cattle together in small areas. Our free range practices allow for a lifestyle free from this practice.

Are your cattle ever finished on grain?
No. As soon as our cattle are weaned from their mother, they go straight to the free range, grass grazed diet of consuming naturally occurring grasses across our northern Arizona ranches.

What products do you offer?
We currently offer home delivery across the country of our ground beef and nutrient dense beef bone broth. Arizona residents can order quarter, half and whole beef delivered directly to their door from the plant. For more information and to order online, please visit our shop.

Do you offer wholesale or affiliate programs?
Yes, we offer both. As an affiliate, you can earn commissions based on sales from your website. As a wholesale customer, you can save by buying in bulk. For more information on both programs, click here.

Do you offer a discount on bulk sales?
Yes, Arizona residents can order quarter, half and whole beef at discounted bulk rates.

Do I need to purchase a special freezer to store my beef products?
A good rule of thumb to help understand the freezer space you will need is that one cubic foot of freezer space will hold about 25 pounds of meat. The typical freezer capacity on a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer unit is about eight (8) cubic feet and an average sized top mount freezer capacity is about ten (10) cubic feet. We recommend checking the capacity of your current freezer space and then calculating the amount of space you will need according to your order size. For example, a quarter beef is approx. 75 lbs. If you have an area of three (3) cubic feet of space available in your top mount freezer, you would likely be able to store your entire quarter beef comfortably. However, additional accommodations would need to be considered for a half or whole beef order.

How can I purchase your products?
You can purchase our products through our online store. Visit our shop.

How will my order be packaged?
Each five pound order of ground beef will be conveniently packaged in individual one pound, vacuum sealed packages. Our beef bone broth is packaged in 32 oz tamper resistant resalable containers. Our quarter, half and whole beef orders contain multiple individual vacuum sealed packs, all beef is wet aged a minimum of 21 days, with the exception of ground beef.

How will my order be shipped?
Ground beef and beef bone broth orders are packaged with frozen gel packs and dry ice before shipment. These orders will arrive frozen within 1-3 days of shipment. Quarter, half and whole beef are delivered by truck to our Arizona customers, all products are frozen.

How long does it take to get my order?
We ship orders out every Tuesday. All orders received by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. will ship the following Tuesday. Your order will arrive within three days of shipment.

Who can I contact if I do not receive my order?
Please contact customer service department at james@azgrassraisedbeef.com.

Do I need to be home to receive my order?
You do not need to be home, however, we recommend immediate placement in the freezer upon arrival or within three (3) hours of delivery. If you expect any issues with being home to receive your order, please make sure to ship it to an alternate address where someone will be able to receive it.

Return Policy
At the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, we take pride in producing and delivering the best 100% grass fed & finished beef products. Due to the nature of shipping perishable food items, products purchased from the Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, cannot be physically returned. All of our items are packaged with custom frozen gel packs before shipment. However, if your order arrives spoiled, damaged, or in any way compromised, please contact us immediately. If your order is spoiled or damaged due to a mistake or any type of negligence made by Arizona Grass Raised Beef Company, or our designated shipping carrier, we will replace your content free of charge or refund you the money, whichever you prefer.

We cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses or orders neglected for longer than three (3) hours after physical delivery took place. All concerns related to incorrect deliveries must be received within 48 business hours of delivery. All concerns related to the actual product (i.e. taste, tenderness, etc.) must be reported within 30 days from the order receipt. If you have any questions regarding our return policy, or need to initiate a return for the product you received, please contact customer service department at james@azgrassraisedbeef.com